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Tri-rail handguard for UZI

Tri-rail handguard for UZI

An affordable variant of the forearm for the UZI submachine gun and its civilian variants, which is equipped with Picatinny rails on the bottom and sides. 

The rail forend adds space for attaching various accessories (e.g. flashlight, laser, grip, etc.) and thus increases the tactical and sporting possibilities of the weapon.

The handguard is compatible to use the original shot silencer.

The handguard gives the weapon a modern, attractive look. You combine functionality and aesthetics into one unit.

In combination with a rail on the bolt cover from Navrátil Arms, your gun will get everything that is standard in the 21. century . 

From our own experience, we can say that adding a grip makes handling the weapon much easier.


May require minor adjustment to specific weapon.



Dimensions: Length 145mm, width 67mm

Weight: 180g

Material: ASA,  Brass, Steel

    950,00 KčPrice

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