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SA 61 Defender Mk.3 upgrade kit

SA 61 Defender Mk.3 upgrade kit

The third generation of our comprehensive modernization for the SA 61 submachine gun, which significantly improves the ergonomics and controllability of the weapon and gives the weapon a modern look.

Adds the possibility of mounting modern sights, grips, flashlights and other accessories to the weapon.

The ergonomic, foldable stock helps to improve the stability and controllability of the weapon.

In the base of the stock there are integrated QD slots  for fastening the strap.

The QD slot space includes a hole to store the pin during disassembly (so they don't get lost)

Installation without irreversible modifications to the weapon.

Tool-free disassembly for cleaning the gun.


The length of the STANDARD stock is 4.5 cm longer than the original butt.

The length of the stock SHORT  is 0.5 cm longer than the original butt.



"FWS Defender" barrel extension for SA 61 and its variants

Threaded reduction for SA 61 and its variants

Extended fingerboards for SA 61

SA 61 magazine clutch



Spare Parts - SA61 Defender Mk.2 Upgrade Kit


!WARNING: The set is not compatible with weapons from Czech Small Arms!


May require minor adjustment to specific weapon.



The production technology is 3D printing using ASA material, which is characterized by good mechanical, thermal and UV resistance.


Length: 562mm/290mm with stock down
Weight: 260g
Material: ASA, Brass, Steel

Instructions can be found HERE


  • Delivery time

    The delivery time of the "black" variant is within 2 weeks.

    When choosing a custom color, the time may vary. Contact us for more information.

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